It doesn’t have to be hard.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about anything and everything to get to where I am.

I’ve spent countless hours and more money that I’d like to admit. I’ve always known my dream would eventually happen and somedays it felt SO far away and nearly impossible to achieve. I’ve explored it all, wrestled with where to focus my attention and I’ve journeyed down the rabbit holes of online success and I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do it the way I did. You don’t have to struggle like I did. And you don’t deserve to. I’m the first to admit when something isn’t working and the route I took did not work.

You don’t have to struggle like I did. And you don’t deserve to.

There are SO many resources out there and an abundance of information about anything and everything you can imagine related to business development, building a private practice, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Go-ahead, do a quick google search and you’ll be inundated with different programs and offerings. I’m sure you’ll find valuable information and you’re still stuck where I was, at the very beginning wondering where to start and what steps to take first. Do you find a web designer, name your practice, sign a lease, or sign up for marketing sites. Do you choose a target market? Do you take insurance and what the heck do you charge? How about social media. Do you focus on Facebook, Instagram or neither? Maybe you need to start a blog to grow a following or offer a ‘free’ downloadable opt-in to grow your email list.

Take it from me. It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be a journey that we all have to figure out on our own. I’m all about sharing what works and helping the next person get to their end goal sooner rather than later. I would have loved to have someone show me the best and most efficient route to practice success.

The past couple of years I’ve received countless emails and requests to meet with clinicians wanting to start a private practice and I finally decided to let myself do what I’ve been wanting to do since day one; Share my experience!

So here we are. I’m currently curating my best, most trusted tips, tricks, resources and go-to processes to share with a select number of business owners, just like you.

If you want to be on my first exclusive test-group for my future program, I’d love to have your input. You’ll be one of the first to know about all I have cooking up over the next few months and you’ll get my introductory pricing for less than half of what I’ll be asking once the program launches.

Help me test my content, provide valuable feedback and grow your rising practice with minimal investment. If you’re curious why I’m doing this, it’s because I would have done anything to have this myself. The struggle doesn’t have to be real. So let’s collaborate and support each other do the work the world so desperately needs from us.