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If you’re looking to understand the root cause of repetitive dynamics or relationships in your life, psychotherapy is for you. In weekly (or bi-monthly) therapy sessions, we’ll explore your history and the present to best understand how to make the changes you’re wanting in different areas of your life. I work with teens, parents, adults and a lot of women on a daily basis and have the pleasure of witnessing inside-out change that is both life giving and transforming. Psychotherapy ranges from short-term (2-3 months) to long-term (3 months +) depending on each individual circumstance. Read more…


Each week I have multiple groups for young women ages 13-18 focused on empowering them from the inside-out. We incorporate body, mind and soul into each group through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, creative arts and talk therapy. These groups are on-going and prove to be transformational over the course of at least 8 weeks due to the opportunity of each member to build a positive peer influence. Read more…

Educational Series

DSC_5390One of my god-given talents is taking information, learning it through and through and then teaching it in a practical and engaging way. I have led workshops and series on a few of my favorite parenting resources, understanding adolescence, building more intimate and authentic relationships, college prep and understanding how children learn to tap into their strengths and abilities for educational success.

Consultation & Supervision for Therapist

Over the years, I’ve tried just about anything and everything to build my practice through marketing, design, networking and practice management tools. I’m all about sharing what works and helping the next person get to their end goal sooner rather than later — I know I would have loved to have someone show me the best and most efficient route to practice success! Read more…

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