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Over the years, I’ve tried just about anything and everything to build my practice through marketing, design, networking and practice management tools. I’m all about sharing what works and helping the next person get to their end goal sooner rather than later — I know I would have loved to have someone show me the best and most efficient route to practice success!

So, as a special gift to you, I’ve compiled my go-to resources for building and maintaining the practice of my dreams. What I have found is planning out the business part and investing in a structure that will support on-going growth from the start is not only important but necessary.

Once you get going it’s very easy to only focus the part that pays you (individual client hours) and neglect the behind-the-scenes tasks that actually keep everything afloat and moving steadily, especially in those months where business naturally slows down.

Take the time, whether you’re new in private practice or seasoned in your business to ask yourself, how am I doing in each other areas below? Where could I use some direction, support or insight? Am I neglecting any of these aspects because I am too overwhelmed to know where to start?

If any of your answers are yes, let’s chat. I love helping clinicians find their success through their own practice and creating a business of freedom, creativity and most importantly, helpful to those in need.

I offer strategic consultation sessions to enhance your practice, no matter what you’re going through. Just one session can help create the clarity and direction you’re looking for, ultimately allowing you more time to do what you’re gifted at (helping others) and less time worrying about the day-t0-day details. In the meantime, here’s my go-to resource list for all things related to making your business the best it can be.


Marie Forleo

Passion & Purpose

Start with Why, Simon Sinek

Record keeping & Scheduling software

Simple Practice


Photography & Design

Christi Minter

Liability Insurance



Dr. Maelissa Hall

Insurance and Billing

Quickbooks Online 

CPT Codes Cheat Sheet

Are you interested in scheduling a consultation to strategize your plan for building or enhancing your practice? Rates start at $150/hr and I also offer a monthly option (1 session weekly) for $400. No need to waste your valuable time re-inventing the wheel, especially when the one I utilize is highly effective for increasing your business in a few weeks time.



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