Is Psychotherapy Right for Me?

I’ll be honest. I am 100% biased and it’s not because psychotherapy is my business. It’s because I have personally benefitted from psychotherapy and live out it’s benefits daily. And because of my own experience and  the results I see clients discovering, I believe that while not everyone needs therapy, everyone would most certainly benefit from it.

Psychotherapy, often stigmatized and looked down upon, is actually not what most people think it is and definitely not what the media portrays it to be. At it’s core, psychotherapy is the process of knowing oneself more fully. It creates depth within the soul, heals wounds, rewrites stories from our past and helps us choose who we want to be and where we want to go.

Finding a trusting therapist is the most important factor of a positive therapy experience and a close second is the your motivation during the process. Empathy and clinical diagnosis also play a big role in the success of psychotherapy, however, the therapeutic rapport with your therapist matters the most.

There are many different theories of practice in psychotherapy, all contributing helpful techniques, strategies and ways of understanding ourself and others. All practices aim to increase your personal satisfaction and find solutions to your life’s challenges, however, different modalities fit for different people.

Despite any negative connotations, there is no shame or harm in seeing a psychotherapist, and is a proven way to enhance your cognitive function, emotional control and life purpose. Pursuing psychotherapy is a brave and courageous thing to do. It will enable your ability to re-write any pain or discomfort into an empowering self-motivating script that will enhance the quality of your life and relationships for years and years  to come.

If you’re wanting to create life-long change and get to know yourself inside and out to enhance your ability to make better decisions, create new dynamics and reverse any negative patterns in your life, psychotherapy is a perfect fit for you.

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