Empowerment Groups for Girls


Group therapy is a powerful experience, especially for young girls and teens.

By the age of 11 or 12, your budding teen has already begun the process of individuating from you and attaching to her peers. And, if you’re like many other parents I come in contact with, this is not an easy process. For the entirety of your child’s life, you’ve sought out, needed, wanted… asked for opinions. But now, you’re quite possibly the last person she’ll listen to.

I work with teens like this all the time and I’m here to tell you that is is completely normal and healthy. She’s on the right track developmentally, all we need to do is ensure that she is getting the right advice, attention, and information from her peers. How we do this is by creating a healthy container with like-minded peers that she will respect, trust and look to for advice. From here, I get to help manage it and direct the path. We call this, group therapy.

My groups are unlike a lot of others out there right now. They are specifically for young women, focus on empowering through creative expression and combine full-body wellness, starting with the inside-out. This means that not only do we talk about emotions, feelings, and relationships… we also get moving physically and talk about how we’re treating our bodies from a health & wellness perspective.

Girls (and women) need to have positive role-models for how to embody authenticity in relationships, schools and in our families. If you’re interested in having your daughter start building a future that reflects worthiness and empowerment, you’ve come to the right place.

First things first… group expectations

Each member is personally screened by me to ensure they are the right fit for the group and vice versa. The initial consultation fee is $150 for the group and occurs prior to your first group.

Once you have begun the group, all I ask is that you commit to 3 months or 12 sessions and pay for your sessions by the 1st of every month. This ensures your commitment to the group and allows for other members to have a consistent experience of their peers which helps to deepen the process and will ultimately provide a much richer experience for everyone.

If you would like to end your participation in the group, you are welcome to at any time. My only request is that we are able to have one last final session to honor the work you and your group mates have been doing over the course of your participation.

Current GroupsDSC_5425

An ongoing process group for adolescent girls (grades 6-12) focused on empowering young women to live in authentic and meaningful ways from the inside-out. Each group focuses on building positive self-esteem, creative expression, and conflict resolution. This group is perfect for bright young women who are ready to make personal changes in their lives with the support of trusted peers.

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