Atmosphere – all that is around you.  The human body is amazing!  Our ability to perceive our world through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) enhances our experience in profound ways; some work for us to create momentum and inspiration and others work against us, creating chaos, stress and anxiety.

This is why I work really hard to make the spaces where I spend the most time inspiring to me.  Creating a space that stimulates my creativity and ignites feelings of being alive, present, engaged, refreshed, at ease and cheerful is top priority for me. From artwork, to decorations, paint colors, scents, natural light and soothing music, each piece or element works to enhance my space and create a sense of calm, purpose, inspiration and comfort– drawing on the five senses to not only create a space, but an experience.

All too often small things stand in our way of progress and feeling motivated – small things like excess clutter, negative relationships, the absence of natural light and a poor diet that lacks in nutritional content.

That is why I encourage you to try this exercise to wake up your senses by creating a list of moments you feel most alive, grounded, energized and free.  It will help you to gain awareness of what’s around you and leave you with ideas to take control of your environment.

1) Write out your answers in a place you can access easily and will not lose.

2) Thinking about your day, list the places you spend the most time.

3) Separate each place and in thinking about the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) write out what makes you feel the most alive. It can be short and sweet or you can elaborate as much as you want.

4) Similarly, write out what inhibits you, drains you, creates boredom and frustration. What just doesn’t feel good? Your commute, cubical, the color of your bedroom walls or crowded grocery stores. Does your office lack natural light, are you around food choices that are packed with simple sugars and lacking in nutritional content?

5) Once you have the list, rate each element on a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest rank for how affected you are by it, positively or negatively for the respective lists.

6) Identify which ones you ranked the highest and create a plan to either reduce it or increase it – meaning, if your office cubical creates stress and frustration and you ranked it an 8.5 with regards to how much it affects you, try using an element fromyour list of positives (your garden view – bring plants that do not require natural light to enhance your space and remind you of your love for the outdoors) to see if you can incorporate something that will reduce your stress to a 7 or 6. The idea isn’t that you have to eliminate it altogether because that isn’t always realistic, however, believing that you are stuck or unable to introduce relief is a misconception

Do you now have some ideas of what you can do to your places & spaces so that you are set up to thrive in them?  Creating lasting change that invites positivity and energizes who you are from the inside out will ignite a ripple effect throughout your life.

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