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Journal | Jessica Pass


Is Therapy Right For Me?

If you’re wanting to reverse any negative patterns in your life and create life-long change from the inside-out, psychotherapy is a powerful process to help you get there. I’ll be honest, I am 100% biased that psychotherapy is universally beneficial for every human being on this planet. Not because it is my business and livelihood, […]

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Creating an Atmosphere that Cheers You

Atmosphere – all that is around you.  The human body is amazing!  Our ability to perceive our world through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) enhances our experience in profound ways; some work for us to create momentum and inspiration and others work against us, creating chaos, stress and anxiety. This is why […]

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Finding Community

Success (in whatever way you define it), is affected by the people we’re around; relationally, emotionally, professionally, mentally, physically (you name it!), each one is both positively and negatively affected by the group you’re associated with. Others have a huge impact on us – their influence can alter who we are, even at our core. […]

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Mindfulness Part 2

Last week, I introduced the concept of mindfulness and stated that research shows that  mindfulness is one of the most, if not THE most, powerful tool there is for decreasing stress that we experience in our bodies So if mindfulness is where it all begins and where we are able to finally observe who we […]

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Mindfulness Part 1

When you think of inspiration, what comes to mind? A friend, loved one, relative or celebrity? Maybe it’s nature, sunlight or a good book, music or movie? Or perhaps it is difficult to think of something… anything. It’s actually quite common to lose your inspiration or drift away from the things that inspire you in […]

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Make Room for the Future

In my last blog, I explained how past issues can unknowingly affect the way we do life, showing up in patterns throughout our relationships, jobs, etc.  In this post, I’d like to address how to dive into tackling some of these issues, that all of us have, head on.   Let’s start with what this […]

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My Community

A while back, I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California and reconnect with a few people that contributed to my personal and professional development in powerful and meaningful ways. Even though, it feels silly to admit, I was in denial as to just how much I missed this community of like-minded people.  When […]

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Set your teen up for success

Does your adolescents struggle in silence or by acting out in various destructive ways? Maybe you’re concerned about emotional scars that could follow her into their adulthood… If so, you’re not alone in your concern and frankly, it’s almost inevitable that at some point in your child’s teen years, they will face negative peer influence, […]

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Create A Life You Love

What road blocks stand in your way? Is it something from your past that lingers in every interaction with those closest to you? Or the pain of a lost love, a feeling of self-doubt, rejection or fear of failure? Have you ever found yourself in a major transition or as an “in-betweener” uncertain of  the journey ahead? Or maybe you’ve […]

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Lessons On Love

Relationships are the cornerstone of life and taking the time to cultivate a satisfying and strong connection takes work. Putting in the effort on a regular basis to nurture the one you love will inevitably improve all aspects of your life; emotionally, mentally and physically. This list may not pertain to everyone and you might think of a few things you would add to it as well so leave a comment at the end and share your insight, suggestions and tips. Here are a few ‘Lessons on Love’ that I have found to be paramount to my own marriage and in my work with couples.

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