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From a very young age, my path to becoming a therapist became more and more apparent. As a kid, I grew up a fairly normal small-town life that was disrupted when my parents divorced before I hit high school.

As I made my way through high school and college I didn’t realize at the time how my life experience and interest in studying psychology would blend to create a strong internal desire to help others who had experienced hardships within their primary relationships.

Looking back, I can see and understand how that experience played a huge role in my career path and although it was a difficult part of my life that resulted in emotional pain, insecurity and difficulty trusting others, it has become my life’s passion to help others better understand themselves, where they come from and how to re-frame their story to be one full of empowerment, growth, and inspiration. I found healing through psychotherapy and am dedicated to helping others find it as well.

My experience has opened up a line of communication and allows me to better empathize with others experiencing similar feelings of loss, grief, confusion, anger, etc. Even if the circumstances are completely different, our emotions are our universal language and the entrance point to repairing our negative self-image, trust issues, anger issues and so on…

Although I know my parent’s intentions were not to hurt me or my brother, there were ways they could have handled things differently had they just known what to do and more importantly where to go to find the answers.  Had they had the right information and resources, I know that they would have done everything they could have to prevent it from negatively affecting my brother and I. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, for them and a lot of other parents out there, it isn’t as easy as it sounds and it’s an overwhelming process knowing where  to start.

For this reason (and many others) I focus on helping clients get the right information, understand it is O.K. to not know what to do, recognize mistakes happen and life circumstances do not have to define who we are.  I know that in order to move past my own anger, depression, and insecurity I had to re-write my life story through personal therapy so that it would reflect resilience, authenticity, and empowerment.

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