Meet Jessica.

Jessica Pass Haskell, is a psychotherapist, the Founder of Heights Haven, where she offers private consultations and co-leads TruthTribe and the creator of, Rising Practice, for therapists and entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to connect people who want more fulfillment to resources that will unlock your gifts and remove limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back. She believes in everyone’s potential to succeed and helps you rewrite your past struggles into stories of triumph. With a tenacious spirit and willingness to take risks, she puts her clients on a fast track to speed up your results.

Her Entrepreneur Accelerator Program for helps therapists and private practice owners ready to overcome the obstacles standing between you and your deepest joy. Jessica created this safe space to explore strategies to overcome not feeling good enough, fears of rejection, and the paralysis of indecision that prevent many women from going after what you truly want. If there’s a more efficient, quicker way for you to feel more empowered, she will connect you to it. This close-knit group offers an immediate support system to help you take your big ideas from out of reach to totally doable. 

In 1-1 sessions, Jessica helps you feel seen and heard to reframe troubling events into the narrative of your choice. Her life-changing process is to get curious about the root causes of what might be blocking you to help you discover new information that validates and integrates your whole self. Her best clients appreciate her vulnerability in sharing her own personal story of growth through psychotherapy. 

A natural at bringing people together, Jessica, Co-founded Truth Tribe, a group practice for parents, teens and adults offering individual and group therapy.

Through Heights Haven, she has created a space to host her coaching and consulting practice, Rising Practice, that makes private practice and entrepreneurship accessible for therapists, entreprenuers and leaders to get clear on how they can rise-up and be successful; at home and at work.

She always strives to live life right now in the present–whether she’s working and connecting or with her husband and two children.

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